Faculty: Biography

Susan C. Fagan, Pharm.D.
Professor, Associate Head and Assistant Dean
Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy
Address: UGA College of Pharmacy
Georgia Regents University
Augusta, GA 30912-2450
Office: CJ-1020
Phone: (706) 721-4915
Email: sfagan@gru.edu
BSc Pharmacy Dalhousie UniversityHalifax, Nova Scotia
Pharm.D.State Univ. of New YorkBuffalo
Post-doctoral Experience
Fellowship in Neuropharmacology, Dent Neurologic Institute, Buffalo, New York
Honors and Awards
Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and the American Heart Association Stroke Council
Board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist
Member, Prevention Advisory Board of the National Stroke Association
Member, Leadership Committee of the American Heart Association Stroke Council
Member, American Heart Association Brain 1 study section, as well as two NIH study sections
Research Interests
Focuses on the identification and development of new therapeutic strategies for acute ischemic stroke. Currently, this includes vascular protection after acute stroke as an attempt to improve functional recovery. Using both experimental and clinical approaches, research aims to improve the way in which stroke patients are treated.
Representative Publications
Fagan SC, Edwards DJ, Borlongan C, Xu L, Arora A, Feuerstein G, Hess DC. Optimal delivery of minocycline to the brain. Implication for human studies of acute neuroprotection. Exp Neurol 2004;186:248-251

Xu L, Fagan SC, Waller JL, Edwards D, Borlongan CV, Zheng J, Hill WD, Feuerstein G, Hess DC. Low dose intravenous minocycline is neuroprotective after middle cerebral artery occlusion-reperfusion in rats. BMC Neurology 2004, 4:7 (26 Apr 2004)

Fagan SC, Hess DC, Pollock DM, Hohnadel EJ, Ergul A. Targets for vascular protection after ischemic stroke. Stroke 2004; 35:35:2220-2225

Harris AK, Ergul A, Kozak A, Machado LS, Johnson MH, Fagan SC: Effect of neutrophil depletion on gelatinase expression, edema formation and hemorrhagic transformation after focal ischemic stroke. BMC Neuroscience, 2005; 6:49
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