Message from the Director
and Mission of the CDD

Dr. Vasu Nair

Vasu Nair, Ph.D., D.Sc.
William H. Terry, Sr., Professor
GRA Eminent Scholar in Drug Discovery

Welcome to the Web Site of the University of Georgia (UGA) Center for Drug Discovery (CDD). Your interest in the CDD is appreciated.

The Center was established to fulfill a state, national and international need for the discovery and development of new chemical and biological entities for combating a variety of existing and emerging life-threatening diseases for which the etiological agents are infectious viruses and infectious microbial agents. Signal transduction/cell signaling and disease states, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's disease and disease targets are additional research areas of interest to the Center. The CDD brings together, in a collaborative spirit, scientists from different disciplines who are actively involved in various aspects of research associated with the discovery of therapeutic agents for a variety of serious diseases. The research disciplines covered include medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, biopharmaceutics, biochemistry, bioinformatics, cellular biology, structural biology, microbiology, virology, genetics, pharmacology, toxicology, proteomics and genomics, nanotechnology, cell and gene therapeutics and translational research.

The CDD contributes not only to the research and teaching mission and increased national stature of UGA, but also enhances research connections between UGA and other research institutions, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies at the regional, national and international levels.

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